Group Therapy & Psychoeducation

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Group Therapy & Psychoeducation

Group Therapy & Psychoeducation services offered in Lexington, Richmond and Winchester, KY

Group therapy and psychoeducation provide two essential services for people with substance use and mental health disorders. The experienced professionals at DeNova offer both because everyone benefits from education about their condition and treatment, and most can achieve significant improvement through group therapy. To learn more about both, call the office in Lexington, Winchester, or Richmond, Kentucky, or request an in-person or telehealth appointment online today.

What should I know about education and group therapy?

Education is often done through group therapy, but the two aren’t quite the same:


Education, also called psychoeducation, refers to teaching patients about their mental health. Through education, each patient gains a better understanding of their condition, including the causes, symptoms, treatment, side effects, and impact on their physical health.

Your provider may provide education during individual therapy or recommend group therapy. When education takes place in a group setting, it may be the sole focus, or it could be one of many possible issues discussed by the group.

A group focused only on education may do more than learn the basics. An education group can go deeper, exploring triggers, coping skills, and ways to avoid future problems.

Group therapy

Group therapy offers treatment to three or more people who share the same mental health condition. The group leader guides the discussion while participants share their experiences, feelings, challenges, and successes.

Each person learns from others in the group, gaining insight into their own mental health by listening to another person’s experiences. Members of the group offer advice and encouragement and get support from people who understand what they’re going through.

When might I need education and group therapy?

Anyone dealing with substance abuse or mental health disorders can benefit from education. Your DeNova provider may take care of education during individual therapy or recommend a group.

Groups are an integral part of most drug and alcohol treatment programs. Though people with many mental health disorders also benefit from group therapy, they’re not always part of each person’s treatment plan. Joining a group is often optional, especially if you already have individual therapy.

What should I expect during education and group therapy?

What happens during your group sessions depends on the people in the group, the goals they want to achieve, and your moderator. The moderator plans a topic for discussion or questions they can ask to stimulate conversation and sharing.

The person leading your group is usually a licensed social worker or counselor trained to provide expert guidance. In some cases, they may follow a specific type of therapy, provide education, or teach certain skills.

Call DeNova or book an appointment online if you’re interested in education or group therapy.